Zombieville USA 2 App Reviews

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Must buy

This app is a definet must buy It never gets boring Simply amazing


Pas fameux.


The game close itself when playing co-op on the gamecenter.

Nice but

I really like the game, but the cloud sync doesnt work anymore since the last update :/ please fix!


Bestes spiel im AppStore...mit abstand

Multiplayer bug

Co-Op Modus doesnt work anymore under iOS 7 I would be pleased if you could fix this bug


I think this is one of the best apps ever. The only thing that could be improved is the balance of some items. Especially the health-kits are overpowered. It doesnt matter if you take damage or not if you can fully heal within a second. Suggestion: you can never have more than one kit that recharges all 20 secs and not by picking up ammo. upgrades improve the recharge rate and the amount of healing it does. Another thing that would be quite nice is an endless mode that goes on until you die. However, i strongly recommend to get this app. It is great


It is well worth money but I have upgraded everything and it would be cool if they added new weapons hours of entertainment

Come out with number 3 !

I love this game but I want a number 3 to come out !

Amazing game! But a few problems

This is an awesome game! Me and my friends always played co-op together all the time but since the update it is crashing almost every time we try to connect please fix this then I will give it 5 stars

Thx for nothing

I accidentally hit delete data and without the warning it deleted I

5/5 but...

New weapons please!!!

Really Good

truly the best one, so far... Cant wait for the third!!!

Love the game but needs more

I love this game a lot and I play a lot but can u add maybe guns on the helicopter and like if u stay with it for a while u get more points and maybe a different game mode like u have to save the people and they get on the helicopter and u have to hold the ground and with upgrades u can have support teams with riot shields as CPUs and add mor guns. Plzzz add somtimg like this because this game will become even more better and plzz add it to this game or the next

Good game

This is a really good game the best part for me was the multiplayer feature.

Best game ever

I LOVE this game! (Characters, guns, ect...) Plz make a third, and maybe a new mode for the game, like kill a certain amount of zombies in a time limit, or save all the humans and escape on a helicopter of something along this lines

Great game

Very fun and addictive

Awesome game but

I think you should be able to reload after upgrades so every upgrade gives u more clips also should add an LMG because the pistol gets better version so really theres should be new shot gun and automatic gun/LMG

Please update!

I got this game thinking it would be fun, dont get me wrong, its really fun. So then when i found out that you can play with friends, i told my friend to get it. But, when ever we connect the game crashes for both of us. Please fix this issue!


My friend told me to get this awesome game. So I got it. It took me a lot of chores to earn the game. Me and her tryed to connect on game centre but each time we crashed!!!

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