Zombieville USA 2 Recenzje App

Nice !


Gra rozczarowana

Długo czekałem na grę. Wcześniej myślałem że gra będzie ciekawsza, a niestety to jest rozczarowana. Tak w ogóle nie jestem zadowolony. Pierwsza wersja jest o wiele lepiej niż druga, a dalej pozostaję ten pierwszy.


Posiadam obie czesci i zdecydowanie polecam druga odslone ! Zombieville 2 jest o wiele bardziej rozbudowana niz 1 czesc! Mnostwo broni, postaci a nawet roznego rodzaju umiejetnosci! No i oczywiscie tryp co op ktory daje mnostwo zabawy na kilka godzin


NAJLEPSZA! Dodatkowo jest synchro miedzy urzadzeniami w chmurze (pograsz na iPadzie a dokonczysz na iPhonie!) Brać!!

Bardzo dobra!

Pozycja warta swojej ceny, dostarcza wiele zabawy!


Super gierca!! Przydalyby sie jakies trudniejsze poziomy - bo ten ostatni przy odpowiednim sprzecie jest takprosty ze az mi slabo. Shotgun+shotgun skill + regeneracja + cryo gun wiecej nie trzeba :/

Ciekawy shooter

Polecam fanom zombie :)


This game needs to be updated. Ive loved the game, but it just eventually becomes boring, new weapons, levels, and zombies could re-spark this game and make it much better. The last update was 2 years ago, and it says alot.

Worth the $0.99!

Play it yourself


Great game so fun want more guns

Need more

Hey love your game I finished everything needs more I even pay if there’s more so let’s do it


Just play it.

Please read this mica mobile inc.

Your games are amazing, and make me happy when I play them, I have played them since I was 6. Now the reason from r me writing this review is to discuss an issue about my favorite game you have made, Zombieville USA 2. It is amazing with multiple levels, awesome sound effects, cool characters, and awesome guns, which you can level up. Now I play it almost every weekend, but there is one problem. I have completed every mission, gotten every character, and gotten and leveled up everything. I feel this awesome game needs more to it, like new levels, a few new characters, and new guns! Also, it would be awesome if you could add new zombies too. I know this seems like a lot, but a game this good, needs more for all the loyal fans of this game out there. Thank you, Anonymous fan


Make another one or update this in a big way!!!!!!!!!

Three words..

Absolutely. Frickin’. Awesome. 10+ guns, 15+ characters, and a fistful of fun! This is, by far, one of the best of both games (not that I didn’t like the first).

Good game

I like this game also 1000th Rating


Best game ever

Such a fun game

Awesome game especially cause you can team up with others to help them get stuff and vice versa. Good times.

Update Please

Can we please get an update for the app, that’d be lovely

Add New Items

You should ADD new GUNS to the games and LEVELS if you update it the game will be BETTER!!!! 😁😁😁


Fun but would be nice if it was updated for the iPhone X

Perfect (almost)

I love this game you can shoot zombies, join other players but you can't do 1 thing de-upgrade... weapons imagine buying something wanting a refund then you can't get it! This happened to my axe I liked my axe then it became a katana >:( . So I want to de-upgrade it and I have my reasons for that!

A Great Game with a need of tweaking

I have played this game since it became available and was one of the best game is have played in my younger years. Still is a great game however the CO-OP feature is not possible as now the game can no longer connect through Bluetooth and the Ping System now makes it impossible to play any multiplayer as even though Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is on, it still won’t connect to a master server. Although this game can now be considered a single-player game, at least from my standing, it still is a great game to player for those who want to play that has no in-game purchases and play the game with all of its content available. The only limit is how much you play and how good you are at the game :)

Co op glitched

Co op doesn’t work even when I do private games with my friend but it’s overall a great game also wish they would add game center friend capability

Fortnite before Fortnite!!

I love the gun selection, the amazing (and cheap) outfits, the sounds, and the difficulty levels. I love that you can play on an easy level if you want to, or a hard one if you want more money. Plus MULTIPLAYER IS AWESOME!!


update for iphone x


I love this game but it simply needs more updates and more features other than that I love it so much and it’s worth the money

👌👍good game on mobile

you should download

Is there a 10 star rating

I have absolutely no problems with this game. I personally think that this is one the best if not the best game on the App Store.


This game is awesome! I would really recommend it. The weapons are realistic and the game is fun too. The only thing is that I suggest they make more zombies because the game is sort of easy.


I love this game so much! This game need optimization(full screen) for iPhone X screen! Please!!


Best game for iOS ever!!!!😁

Great game!!!

Literally one of the best games I've ever played. The gameplay is amazing and it doesn't lag. Which is surprising considering the graphics are so amazing. I definitely recommend buying it. It's worth it.

Awesome game

I LOVE this game when I was 6 I first played and beat it its still hard but fun

Needs update for iPhone X

Needs update for iPhone X. Won’t respond to swipe up to close game. Had to restart to close the game.

Needs an major update

So I’ve love this game and the 1st zombieville But it need a update and like fast I’ve done everything there is to do I play It every once and awhile but it need more guns maybe like another game mode idk but It needs to happen


This is ****************************************************************************************

Definitely worth it

I got this game about a week ago, I’ve been grinding for a while and since there’s no in app purchases it’s so much better. You should definitely buy this

Need to update more

I love this game, it’s very fun, but they need to update more, so 4 stars

Co op is broken

Private games no longer work on this app. I can't play with specific friends by creating a room. Also, no iPhone x support so there's just huge black borders on the side of each screen. Very dissapointing.

Not as good as original

It’s a neat game and I respect the innovation, but movement is super quirky and the game lacks the simplistic yet open ended gameplay that made the original so much fun

Almost perfect

This game is the best of its type I’ve ever played!! It has a killer aesthetic, great sound effects, balanced gameplay with literally dozens of different skill and weapon combinations, and most importantly... it is FUN. Also I love the fact that there is a developer out there who hasn’t succumbed to the obnoxious trend in mobile gaming: offering a free download, then making it impossible to advance in the game without spending actual money on upgrades. This game allows you to build your weapons arsenal and power-ups by simply playing the levels and gathering wealth within the game. My only possible gripe: I really wish the game had more levels, more characters, and perhaps even boss battles. I would gladly pay more $$ for this!

Best game

I’ve been playing this game for years, since I was little. The game is extremely nostalgic and my friends and I still love it, it’s amazing

A Love-Hate relationship

I recently re-downloaded the game again reminiscing on the exhilarating action packed zombie shooting. However, there are some issues. The Co-op player mode does not work and the icould saving feature is useless. Deleted the game to se did it would fix my multiplayer problems and all my progress was lost. Despite the great gameplay, weapons, character etc. this game is far from perfect.

Co-op glitch

I’ve been playing this game for a very long time and i’ve attempted to play a game with someone and I play under the co-op option, it doesn’t add my partner and just tells us both that we’re waiting for the other to join. Please fix this

Major Glithces

I think that the graphics and the variety of weapons is really good! But there are also A LOT of glitches. It always freezes on me and I CAN’T STAND IT! So if you could fix that it would be great👍.


I really liked the original, but this one seems much harder to control and is really sluggish. I requested a refund so I could purchase the original (again), but was told a refund was not available.

An old goodie

Old game. Still holds up as a simple shootem’ up but the “improved” multiplayer (only reason I re-downloaded it in the first place) doesn’t actually work in a public or private room with your friend sitting right next to you. Shame.

Best game ever!!!👏🏼😭😭

Have been playing this since little and stills being the best thing, this never gets old. Thanks you so much to the designers and would love to see zombie ville 3 someday!!!

Good quick play game

Overall it is fun, and quick to play. Has some replay ability and is easy to pick up. My only gripe is the scoring system is flawed. It almost feels like an rng reward at times.

Absolutely Love It!

I wish there was a game, it would bring much more new players as well as people looking for more co-op games like this. But it would be nice if you could make the old one free because I had bought the first game years ago but I lost that Apple ID so I can't download it again, but that's besides the point.



Good but

Great game but too much crashing and needs more guns besides that 👍🏽

It's amazing

Love it

Great, would love a update

I've played this game for a while and I have everything maxed out and it's starting to get boring. I would love an update or a new zombieville

Pls help but good job

Recently I re downloaded the game yesterday because I remember playing it a year ago and deleted it when I maxed out my stats on main weapons and beat every level, I came back to the game and when I opened it the music wouldn't play so I ignored that a while, then I backed up data to the cloud and re downloaded the game yet again only to find that the audio for music still didn't work, plus when I tried to re download my save data it said that it couldn't read the data, can anyone help I'm using the same device I played it on so that isn't the issue but anyone know something about?

Miss the old song

Man I absolutely love these series it's the best way to waste time and I absolutely love playing with my friends one thing that would put me in a state of nostalgia is if I had the option to use the old music from the first Zombieville USA game into the new one that would be an amazing option for me because I adore the original theme while playing the game above all amazing game

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